Health Retreats in Queenstown, New Zealand

Retreat to Queenstown

Queenstown, New Zealand –

the land of the long white cloud, pristine nature and pure inspiration.

Queenstown Retreats with Soul Journeys

Journey inwards

to restore, rediscover and reawaken your truest sense of being.

New Zealand Wellness Retreats – Retreat to Queenstown

yogaWe invite you to take time out just for you to retreat. We encourage you to unplug yourself from the world of “busyness”,  reconnect with your authentic self, and renew body, mind and soul.

Join us on a Soul Journey Wellness Retreat in Queenstown, New Zealand – the land of the long white cloud, pristine nature and pure inspiration.

Our Point of Difference – A real treat

Queenstown Wellness Retreat

Soul Journeys is not just a retreat, it’s a “real” treat. Supported by top online casinos . Away from your normal life our intention is to support you to not just have an amazing experience but to begin to create new habits that make a “real” difference to your life.

You stay in central Queenstown with all the buzz a small alpine town has to offer as we guide you to practise finding stillness amidst the beauty and the busyness. Each retreat has a unique theme and focus, and we trust you will find one that’s just right for you. Most days you get ‘Soulo’ time to relax, book in a massage or other treatment and more ‘active-relaxers’ can feel free to add in an adrenaline-based adventure activity.

Booking accommodation is in your hands and we make recommendations to suit your choice of budget, mid-range or luxury. Food is all-inclusive and with our local knowledge we take you to a variety of our favourite cafes and restaurants where you will enjoy healthy, nutritious, mouth-watering food prepared by some of NZ’s top Chefs.

Ultimately, you will make new discoveries about your self and go home inspired, with a plan for returning to your ‘everyday’ life.

Georgie H

Georgie H said, “An incredible ‘real’ escape into a land of inspiration, delicious healthy food, soul-filled conversations and mindful movement. Loved every minute. Sandi and Amanda are full of empowering wisdom.”

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“We look forward to the opportunity of guiding you, as your soul journeys”

Amanda & Sandi

1-DAY Mini-Retreat

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Each retreat has a unique theme and focus and we trust you will find one that’s just right for you. Our intention is that you will come away with, not just an amazing experience, but with greater awareness and a plan for returning to your ‘everyday’ life.

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