Autumn Yin Yoga Flow

Autumn is the ideal time for letting go of emotional residue and anything else the body does not need. It is a time to surrender. To release. To exhale.

There is a natural tendency during this time of transition to reflect upon what part of our own lives might be out of balance and how we may cultivate more balance mentally, emotionally and physically.

A Yin Yoga practice is a wonderful way to regain our centre and to harmonise the flow of energy to keep us healthy and balanced. Ancient Chinese Medicine Theory encourages a focus to the Lung and Large Intestine energy pathways (meridians) which are related to the metal element.

The element of metal relates to the lungs. Just as minerals of the earth provide nourishment for the soil, and as most structures rely on metal for reinforcement, lung chi (energy) nourishes and bolsters every cell of the body. Metal conducts electricity just as the breath conducts chi.

According to Sarah Powers ‘Insight Yoga’ healthy lung-large intestine chi is connected with an ability to “encounter difficulty with tenacity, a willingness to endure, and personal confidence. When lung chi is deficient, our thinking is muddled, cloudy, and disconnected.”

It is also important to make food and lifestyle choices in alignment with the season. As the weather cools turn to warm soups, stews and casseroles, stay warm and cosy down with a blankie and a good book or enjoy a few long hold yin yoga stretches in the late afternoon sun.

Here is a short Autumn Yin Yoga flow that balances the lung and large intestine energy pathways.


Sandi x