Free your Soul

What is the soul ? In order to be happy, well and free in our lives it helps to understand what constitutes our real, authentic self.

“The body – mind and soul – are like a tripod.

The world stands by their combination; in them everything abides. This combination exists for the sake of conscious being”

– Charaka Samhita, Sutrathana I.46-47

Have you ever experienced the feeing that you were watching your own life like it were a movie?

I remember first having a strong sense of this as a child and in particular there was a poignant moment as I looked at myself curiously in the mirror. Maybe you can relate to this?  It was as if the real me behind my eyes was meeting this new me in the mirror.  As I looked intently inwards I felt a certain fascination and also a recognition that behind this apparent mask of my physical face was my not so easily defined but very present soul or ‘real self’ looking back at me, compassionately like a very dear old friend.

What is the definition of Soul?

The term soul refers to our deeper identity in life, which different thinkers define in various different ways. My preference of definition comes from the ancient vedic yoga philosophy which explains that the soul is “the life power” that endures throughout all our different births, behind the veils of the body and mind (1). In Sanskrit this life power is called  “jiva”

Without the jiva or soul, the body is like a light bulb without electricity or a computer without the software.. With the introduction of the soul, the body acquires life, sight and hearing, thought and speech, intelligence and emotions, will and desire, personality and identity.

The “jiva” or soul is the building block, divine flame or spark behind all matter in the universe, gross or subtle. So, it is not limited to human beings but exists in all nature. Not only animals but also plants have a soul. The soul is hidden even in the rocks and landscape. Wait til you see Queenstown’s soulful scenery! The soul directs all activities in the universe as the natural intelligence responsible for the incredible order of creation. It plays behind the great forces of the earth, atmosphere, sky and stars.

The Souls three powers, three wills, three desires…

According to vedic philosophy the soul possesses three basic powers: life, light and love from which arise the ability to perceive, move and feel. Born from this are three of the soul’s wills : the will to be, the will to see, and the will to be happy. From these three powers of the soul, all beings have three innate desires: to live forever, to know the absolute truth, and to feel perfect happiness.  The arising of these aspirations shows the soul awakening inside of us.

Our intention for your Soul’s Journey with us:

When you join us on a Soul Journey our intention is to provide you with guidance and the process & tools which will allow your soul to feel inspired, empowered, awakened, and free. We assist you in returning to your everyday life with a greater awareness of your soul’s powers, will and desires so that you may flow in your work, family and life with greater ease, happiness and grace.

May you and all beings everywhere be happy and free…

(1) Yoga and Ayurveda – Self Healing and Self Realization by David Frawley