Top Ten Reasons to Retreat

Why go on a wellness retreat? Here are our top ten reasons for encouraging you to come along and do it.

Retreat feels good

Retreat is an opportunity to slow down, relax and take care of number one and that can feel really good. How much and how often do you do that (honestly)? Do you feel the calling, right now, to get away from it all to restore yourself?

There are no distractions

When you are busy doing what you usually do – household duties, work duties, giving to others – do you often forget (or can’t find the time) to do what feels good for you? Even weekends and taking holidays with the intention of relaxing at home are never quite the same as getting away and freeing yourself from distractions. On retreat you come away feeling refreshed and ready to bring more self-care rituals back to life.

You feel nurtured

Imagine being in an environment where your food is taking care of, your routine is taking care of and all you need to do is show up and be present. Not to mention restorative massage, mindfulness meditation, gentle yoga practice and experiencing the support of being guided.

You feel nourished

One of the great things about retreat is that someone else takes care of your food choices (well mostly). You discover that you can eat yummy, healthy food without feeling like you are missing out and your body and soul will feel so nourished that hopefully you’ll be motivated to keep it up when you get home.

You get time for your self

Without all of those distractions, there’s only one thing to focus on and that’s you. Retreat is an opportunity to listen to that quiet voice inside you that’s trying to speak through your body and your feelings. The authentic voice that’s calling for time out.

You reconnect with what’s really important to you

When you take time out to retreat and reflect, you discover that part of you that wants to guide you. You hear your heart and soul’s calling. You discover what it is that you need. You start to acknowledge your inner most desires.

You gain support

When you retreat with a group who are on the same Soul Journey, you meet new friends and that friendship can be deep (or deepen when you come with a buddy). You gain support and encouragement to be brave and honour your true self moving forward.

You discover new and empowering habits

A Soul Journeys retreat is not just a journey, it’s a transformational process that teaches you how to retreat, how to relax, how to be present, how to reflect and reconnect with yourself. It’s an experience that you can practice again and again.

Retreat is inspiring.

Soul Journeys wellness retreats take place in Queenstown, New Zealand: often described as a place of pure inspiration that will uplift you. Think mountains with incredible vistas, beech forests reminiscent of Lord of the Rings, clear azure blue lake. Enough said.

You deserve it!

And if you think you don’t; you really do need to come along.

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